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March Madness


March Madness

Usually outside edge of the Louisiana Marshes like Delacroix in Oak River, Shell Beach, or even as short of a run as finding a few fish on the edge of the Biloxi Marsh. During March we like to fish a Vudu shrimp under a popping cork with a much slower retrieve then normal. We do this due to the fact that the water temperature is still cool and they are not going to hit as full and aggressive as they will during the summer.

If you run to the outer edge of the Biloxi Marsh Door Point, Brush Island, and Isle Au Pitre you can be very productive. However, if you know the marsh and wanna’ get a little bit interior but not very way back in the depths of the marsh Nine Mile Bay will often hold pods of fish this time of year as well.

It is also getting really close to Flatboat Season. So get your wading gear out and get ready to come out and join that three ring circus here in a couple weeks. I can assure you it’s a lot of fun but also can be one of the most miserable trout fishing experiences you can have.