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Hunting Season is Over – Let’s Go Fish!

Hunting season is over – Let’s Go Fish!


With hunting season drawing to an end, it’s bittersweet. Time to put away the guns and ammo. All that deer gear. No more cold early morning Octobers in the deer stand. But now it’s time to break out those rod and reels. Dust them bad boys off, oil em’ up and get em’ ready for a long spring and summer fishing season. But who wants to wait til Spring?! Since spring hasn’t quite arrived yet, I’m gonna use this time to get my practice on. Even while the weather is still a little chilly you can get some nice catches under your belt no matter where you find yourself. These cold waters on the Mississippi or the Louisiana coast are primed with great fishing opportunities. You might be looking forward to lump season with some tuna fishing or maybe some inner marsh trout action. Either way if you are anything like me then you are just chomping at the bit to get out there and see what saltwater adventure you can find yourself on next. Hunting Season is over, it’s true. But now it’s Time to get Wet!

Trout fishing this time of year calls for a bait that you can work slow. Due to the fact that the water is so cold it will slow the reaction time of these speckled trout. Don’t expect to see them blowing up the top water nearly as often right now in these winter months like you do in the summer months. You just won’t see that. But slowly suspending baits like a Paul brown or a Mirrodine or (my personal favorite) the L minnow is gonna give the results you are craving. A little trick of the trade is to take a soft plastic with a much lighter lead head to decrease the dropping speed and that will work just as good and sometimes better. Your welcome. When you use baits like this it will greatly increase your odds at finding some of these big winter yellow mouths. When you get you a couple snap some good shots and send them to me.  I would love to see your success.

Now, tuna fishing this time of year can be very simple. However, it is definitely a game of hit-and-miss. So don’t get discouraged. I mean the good thing about tuna fishing this time of year is that when you get on the lumps and the Yellowfin tuna you are going to have the potential to catch some of the biggest Yellowfin tuna in the gulf and they are not gonna put up such a fight!  The sound is going to be like 300ft deep,  MAX! They are not going to be hanging out at 1200ft like they can in the summer so fighting a 300ft pull compared to that 1200ft pull is going to be a BREEZE!

One downfall to this early fishing season is. . . . weather. That wind and the seas can pick up out of nowhere. Just forget about it if you fall overboard with all of your winter fishing clothes on! You are NOT getting back in that boat without help. I’m speaking from experience here, folks. Just imagin’ trying to tread water with all that extra weight. Well don’t imagine it long, cuz it just won’t happen for very long. Yes sir, so pick and choose your days wisely and don’t be foolish. There is no sense in knowingly risking your life over any fish. You know what they say “There’s plenty of fish in the sea.” Well there is folks. There’s always another one, a bigger one, a better one, and guaranteed he’s still out there. And he’s still gonna be there tomorrow.

But as far as the fishing goes it’s not complicated just skill and timing and patience. Chunk you up some pogeys, hide a hook in one of the chunks. Throw a few of the chunks over right when you set your bait in the water. Now, don’t ever allow the line to get tight, and wait. They are gonna bite before you know it, so be prepared. But if you don’t get a bite in quite some time of letting the line out, then you’re gonna need to repeat. Repeat and repeat, over and over and over again. That’s how it’s done, folks. Repetition is the name of the game. Before you know it, Spring will be upon us and then Summer will be but a memory. And then, it will time to put up the rods once again.  So take advantage of today. Get out there and soak up some sun.  If you get some good pictures, don’t forget to tag me on Facebook or Instagram.