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During the month of September, we usually start doing a lot of cobia fishing. We have found in recent years that during the month of September into the middle part of October the cobia around here get closer to the Mississippi gulf coast. Most of these fish are caught on ship channel buoys and shallow water structures around the barrier islands. When doing this kind of cobia fishing always have live bait with you, be it shrimp, croakers, catfish, crabs, eels, whatever it is just have something. You do not want to catch a big surface cobia on a jig if you have an option because the weighted head on a jig can create a big hole by bouncing side to side can cause the hook to pop loose. When using a live bait hook there is no counter weight so there is a much less likely chance that you will lose the fish because there is no counter weight working against you. There’s also that fact that you are using a LIVE BAIT which you are trying to replicate with any thing else so it will probably work better.

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