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Why Watch Headin' South?

About Us

On Headin’ South, we strive to bring hunting and fishing stories with a dash of comic relief to every home in the country. We are based on the beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast and have found that it serves as the perfect backdrop to share our love of the outdoors with our audience. One of the primary goals of our team is to bring positive attention to the Gulf Coast region and all of its outdoor attributes! And we will let our viewers in on a well-kept secret; you don’t need to travel to expensive and overcrowded locations to find great opportunities for hunting and fishing. The Mississippi Gulf Coast can fulfill most of the goals that you have set for yourself as an outdoor enthusiast!

Another main goal of Headin’ South is to become ambassadors for all the beauty and adventure our Mississippi Gulf Coast hometowns offer, as well as conservationists with an eye on the future. By keeping the fish plentiful, healthy, and populations controlled we can allow future generations to experience the great outdoors for themselves. We have the ultimate goal of experiencing the outdoors while preserving it in the safest and most ethical way possible.  

We proudly do the majority of our adventures right on the northern Gulf of Mexico, and all of our trips are designed to be watched and then experienced in person. On our website, you will find our weekly fishing and hunting blogs providing firsthand information and tips so that you can get out and enjoy your surroundings like we do.

If nothing else, we hope to put something on people’s screens that drives them to get off the couch, grab some gear, and get Headin’ South!

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