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Meet Your Host

Keaton Day

Hi, I'm Keaton Day

Born and raised on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. If I am lucky enough, this is where they will put me in my grave.  Hopefully, that’ll be no time soon, but it’s surely where I’d love to be. I grew up in a small coastal town called Long Beach, Mississippi, found on the gulf front overlooking Cat Island. Little did I know back then how much of my life that small stretch of land would influence. The summer I turned 16 and was allowed to go to cat island with my friends on our family’s boat I quickly realized that this little scrap of land on the horizon was where I would find some of my greatest life-satisfaction, as well as the inspiration for this show.

I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of having my own hunting and fishing show. Since the day I got out of college, I have been slowly putting into motion the idea of making my dream a reality. I grew up doing mostly inshore fishing and bird hunting, and those, in turn, grew to be my two greatest passions in life. As I have gotten older, I have learned to appreciate the sport of deer hunting and the trials and victories of offshore fishing. I love to learn new styles of fishing and learning the best ways to catch the plethora of species native to this area.

Along the way you have to acknowledge the help you received. My dad is an excellent outdoorsman, and he taught me the basics of bird hunting and fishing early on.  I was fortunate enough that we have a great family friend by the name of Barry Foster, and when I was a kid, he was always willing to take me with him and also taught me everything he knew. Therefore, without those two men in my life, I would not be the outdoorsman I am today.

I have no idea what God has in store for me, but I know that he put me in the position I am today, surrounded by the people I am surrounded by and getting to do what I love to do every day! Everything happens for a reason, and I wouldn’t trade my life with anyone out there for love nor money. Right now, I am completely content in life fishing and hunting with my buddies and sharing the fun through Headin’ South!